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Bring Your Musical Ideas To Life!

Music Lessons + Stellar Tracks Recording Studio

    Recording Studio and Performance Venue

    4 Star Music Academy is Home to Stellar Tracks Recording Studio and Performance Venue

    Ready to bring your musical ideas to life? Schedule your session at Stellar Tracks Recording Studio within 4 Star Music Academy. Get access to our state-of-the-art recording studio and talented engineering staff. Its every young musician’s dream come true!

    Shelby Township Recording Studio

    Stellar Tracks Recording Studio delivers superb sound control in a professional sonic environment.

    Our recording studio was designed with Art Noxon of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, ensuring that we have the most flawless sound and excellent tools for enhancing your instrument, be it piano, guitar, voice, bass, or otherwise.

    Our extensive gear collection and experience harmonize to deliver big smiles for all types of students. We know the magic that the right instruments and effects provide!

    Perfect Your Sound in the 4 Star Music Academy Recording Studio

    The magical atmosphere of our recording studio inspires creativity in all our musicians, whether solo artist or band, instrumental or acoustic, singer or drummer, pianist or guitarist.

    • Use state-of-the-art equipment
    • Record until you get it right
    • Get input from experienced sound engineers
    • Stream your talent to your friends, family, and the entire world!

    Begin your journey from music student to recording star.

    Bring Your Musical Ideas to Life

    One of the best ways to perfect your sound is to bring it to life in a private studio space. Hear the notes, the tunes, the voice – all up close and personal. Work out the kinks and enhance the most exceptional sounds.

    • Produce your music
    • Create a demo
    • Participate in a collaborative recording session
    • Get feedback from experts

    If you want to be ready to submit a demo to an agent, a music producer, a venue, or otherwise, record the mix that is really who you are. Feel immediately comfortable at Stellar Tracks Recording Studio, a scene that sets the mood, inspires your musical spirit, and gets your sound laid down.  

    Live student performances in Shelby Twp performance venue

    Performance Venue

    When you are seeking an intimate music space that is hooked up in the finest way, our recording studio morphs into a performance venue, including:

    • Dramatic lighting
    • Professional sound reinforcement
    • Room for your biggest fans

    At Stellar Tracks Recording Studio, you will get the complete experience for live performances. Find out if our space is right for your musical show.

    Student Performances

    Students who take lessons at 4 Star Music Academy wow crowds with their musicianship and stage presence, whether they’re performing a solo, joining an ensemble, or making tunes with a teacher/student band.

    Creating a great sound and hearing proof of it creates amazing motivation in all our students. We maintain an amazing performance space to give musicians and singers the opportunity to feel what it’s like to embrace their music, mesmerize a crowd, and feel creatively fulfilled.

    Book your recording session or ask about performance venue availability at 4 Star Music Academy in Shelby Township, home of the Stellar Tracks Recording Studio. Contact us today.