Guitar Lessons

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Guitar Lessons at Any Age

    Guitar Lessons

    Guitar Lessons

    Imagine What’s Possible!

    Improve memory, confidence, concentration, dexterity, and multitasking abilities by learning to play guitar from the talented music instructors at 4 Star Music Academy in Shelby Township. Enjoy the therapeutic nature of connecting with a musical instrument and build musical knowledge that will make it easier to learn other instruments.

    Guitar Lessons for Beginners

    Beginner guitar lessons taught by enthusiastic, experienced music instructors at 4 Star Music Academy foster a love of music, inspire creativity, and teach students:

    • How to hold a guitar
    • How to hold a guitar pick
    • How to play simple guitar chords
    • How to strum a guitar
    • How to tune a guitar

    Our instructors teach young guitar students step by step, using popular music to aid in music comprehension, rhythm, and counting.

    Beginner guitar lessons
    Guitar lessons

    Guitar Lessons for Intermediate Students

    Students who are comfortable with the guitar or who have taken lessons before will expand their knowledge in guitar lessons for intermediate students.

    • Learn minor chords
    • Be introduced to scales
    • Learn how to read music notation
    • Learn how to read guitar tablature
    • Unlock the secrets of music theory

    It is important to select the right music school and teaching method so you can apply the musical skills to the songs you love and learn how to make that music on your guitar.

    Guitar Lessons for Advanced Students

    Maybe you picked up the guitar and taught yourself the basics. Perhaps you played years ago but are rusty. Or you might be an accomplished guitarist but are ready to build and expand your skills to master your instrument and perform at the highest level.

    Make your musical dreams come true:

    • Be the rhythm guitarist in a band
    • Land the lead guitar spot in the band at your house of worship
    • Excel in your school ensemble
    • Tryout for an orchestra or musical group
    • Get on stage and thrill the crowd
    • Wow everyone with signature lead guitar solos

    Our talented instructors know the chords, techniques, tips, and tricks. We will show you how to approach each situation with the right mindset and creative tools.

    Advanced guitar lessons
    Guitar instructor

    Tips for Taking Guitar Lessons

    It’s not the songs our students play that make them successful guitarists, but the time they commit to learning the particulars of their instrument. Dedication to learning, along with practice and determination, create talented musicians.

    • Buying a guitar: Unless you already have a guitar, wait to purchase an instrument until you have spoken with your instructor about the best guitar to accompany you or your child on your musical journey.
    • The best age to start guitar lessons: There is not one right age to begin taking guitar lessons, though children age 7 and above usually have the dexterity and patience to begin mastering a musical instrument.
    • Practice is essential: Weekly guitar lessons and daily practice are essential to mastering the guitar. Basic proficiency can be achieved in as little 6 months with regular practice and dedication to the craft.

    Take Guitar Lessons in Shelby Township

    At 4 Star Music Academy in Shelby Township, you will be taught by music experts and professional performers. All our instructors have a four-year music degree and extensive musical and teaching experience. Many are professional performers.

    We offer:

    • 30-minute guitar lessons
    • 60-minute guitar lessons
    • Lessons for ages 6+
    • Beginner lessons
    • Intermediate lessons
    • Advanced lessons
    • Online and in-person lessons

    Play the music you love. Become a true musician and talented guitarist. Learn from the best at 4 Star Music Academy in Shelby Township, call us today!