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Groove to the Beat With Your Bass!

Bass Lessons at Any Age

    Bass guitar

    Bass Lessons

    Learn to play the bass guitar at 4 Star Music Academy

    There’s the guitar, and then there’s the bass. Whether you want to pluck, slap, pop, or tap your way into music history, becoming a famous bass guitarist like Flea, John Entwistle, Paul McCartney, Jaco Pastorius, or Geddy Lee begins with the right kind of training from an experienced bass guitar instructor at 4 Star Music Academy in Shelby Township.

    Bass Lessons for Beginners

    The bass guitar is responsible for that low-pitched bassline in all types of music, from rock to blues, jazz to funk. Study it the right way from the start and you set yourself up for musical success. At 4 Star Music Academy, you will receive comprehensive lessons in bass guitar and music theory for beginners and learn the fundamentals:

    • Basic chords and scales
    • Finger placement
    • Tuning
    • Arpeggios and triads
    • Chord progressions
    • How to pluck and fret
    • How to read music
    • Slap and pop technique
    • Octave shapes
    • Left- and right-hand techniques

    The bass can be a daunting instrument to learn, but its memorable sound can put you on the map in a world short of good bass players. Learn the right techniques in the right order from our expert instructors.

    Intermediate and Advanced Bass Guitar Lessons

    Intermediate and advanced bass lessons

    If you know how to play the bass, what to play on it, and when to play, you will always have the chops to form the backbone of a band. Serious bass guitar lessons will make you intimately familiar with this instrument so you will be able to read, think, and hear music from the ground up.

    Intermediate and advanced bass guitar students will expand their knowledge, develop their own groove, and improve their proficiency to master this deep instrument.

    • Deliver that essential bridge between melody and rhythm to hold a song together
    • Develop the confidence to improvise
    • Play your favorite songs
    • Learn how to jam with others
    • Fret and pluck with speed
    • Understand harmonics, polyrhythms, slash chords, and more
    • Master the tricks to follow drummers
    • Construct your own bass lines

    Why Choose the Bass Over the Guitar?

    Bass players have fun. They’re the key member of the band who’s always grooving off to the side, feeling and living the music and laying down that deep sound that sticks in your head when you listen to a great song.

    The guitar and the bass are two different instruments. They may look similar, but they are not played the same way and they do not have the same responsibilities in a band. Bass technique, reading, and theory are unique to the bass. By selecting this instrument, you choose to be part of every song’s foundation.

    Our instructors can help you become a good bass player – really good. Learn the subtleties of this complex instrument, including groove, technique, theory, tone, and so much more.

    Bass guitar lessons

    Take Bass Lessons in Shelby Township, Michigan

    At 4 Star Music Academy, our bass teachers have an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience. They are not only guitarists, they are bassists. And that makes a difference when you’re sharing your skills with up and coming musicians.

    All our instructors at 4 Star Music Academy in Shelby Township have a four-year music degree and extensive musical and teaching experience. Many are professional performers.

    We offer:

    • 30-minute bass lessons
    • 60-minute bass lessons
    • Lessons for ages 6+
    • Beginner lessons
    • Intermediate lessons
    • Advanced lessons
    • Online and in-person lessons

    Strap on that instrument and get ready to slap the bass. Become a bass guitar wizard with instruction from 4 Star Music Academy in Shelby Township.