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We now proudly offer Music Together® classes for 5 and under plus mommy, daddy, or caregiver.

Music Together is an electrifying 10 week class for parents and their young ones to sing, dance, and explore instruments for 45 minutes. We offer this excellent research-based, early-childhood music development program as a licensed center.

The classes are thoroughly structured to musically educate, but feel like a whirlwind of fun and music making. The class itself is a dozen songs every week in changing formats and activities. Over the course of the 10 weeks students participate in dozens of lovely, diverse, easy-to-learn songs. The songs and activities are creatively altered each week to spice things up and to teach you how to add the songs into your everyday lives.

The Music Together class aims to enrich your lives and strengthen your family bonds thru active music making.

Our next class begins in January. The two teacher tag-team of Andrea and Kyle will have you smiling, singing, dancing, and wiggling along with your excited son or daughter every single week.

  • $170 first child
  • $110 2nd sibling over 8 months old
  • FREE 3rd sibling over 8 months old
  • FREE any sibling under 8 months old
Tuition includes: a beautifully illustrated songbook, the mp3 collection for listening, the parent/caregiver guide “Music and Your Child”, exclusive access to the Family Music Zone® and access to the full song collection through the Hello Everybody App to make music on the go.

10 week class every Wednesday 10:30 -11:15am, Jan 8th - Mar. 11th.
You can join while the semester is in progress.
Call today to experience the excitement:
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