Our piano lessons are exceptional.

We are excellent with beginners.
Beginning on the piano requires less physical coordination than most other instruments. We have the experience and patience to help beginners get to that next level.

You will learn to read.
Most music for piano is written in music notation. For that reason, we teach each student how to read, step-by-step.

We teach you how to play your favorite songs.
We will break down songs and show you the techniques to achieve the sounds of your favorite artists.

The piano is the best instrument to learn how music works.
All musicians should study the piano as it offers the best overview of all the notes and sounds. No other instrument can play as low and as high, or as easily play the accompaniment and the melody.

We have the deep knowledge to get you to the next level.
Every one on staff has a four year music degree and extensive experience. We will teach you the notes, chords, and techniques that you need.

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